Kegworth Rocks

IMG_2838Last week, we had the pleasure of having a lot of you from the local community into our workshop to take part in Kegworth Rocks; the latest craze where kids paint a rock and then hide it in the local area to be found by others and then re hidden. We thought that joining in the fun would be a good way to meet you all and get involved with the community, a good excuse to put our new workshop to good use!

We were over whelmed with the amount of people that came to see us! Not just kids too, it seemed the adults were just as keen to get involved and paint a rock.


Even the postie joined in the fun too!


We were so impressed with the creativity and designs that you created! Flowers, Animals, Slogans, Bright Colours… we really have upped the level of rock painting talent!


After a week of painting, the rock fairy residents of Flowers By Fredricka magically scattered and hid all of the rocks that you had lovingly created around the village. One of the rocks was marked with a special message, informing the person who found it first to come to the shop and claim their prize. The first to find it was the lovely Alice & George. Well done both! We hope you enjoyed your flowers and goodies!


Because of the excitement trying to find this special rock, we hid it again offering someone else the chance to find it and win another prize. The rock has yet to be found… can you go on the hunt to find it? The prize is waiting!


Don’t forget- the rocks are still out there to find in Kegworth Village. Have you managed to find yours? Don’t forget to post it to the Kegworth Rocks Facebook page. You can find it here! 

Fredricka X



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